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Smoking Cannabis Vs. Tobacco: Is Cannabis Less Harmful?

A ground-breaking 20-year study investigated the links between tobacco, cannabis, and lung function. It found that while tobacco caused adverse effects, cannabis did not. As a result of this study and others like it, healthcare providers are beginning to pay attention, and some health insurers are even starting to cover medicinal cannabis costs! The post […]

Cannabinoid Science 101: What Is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis. CBD gained popularity much later than psychoactive THC, but was isolated more than 20 years earlier. Currently CBD is being thoroughly studied and investigated for its medicinal applications in treating numerous ailments. As it stands CBD now tops THC as the most well-understood cannabinoid in cannabis plants. The […]

Hemp Plastic: What Is It and How is it Made?

Each year, innovations in hemp plastic technology hit the market and many companies are incorporating hemp plastics into their products. Hemp is proving to be a clean alternative to the highly polluting plastics that are damaging our environment. There are various types of hemp plastic; here, we will briefly take you through how these plastics […]

Howard Marks – Mr Nice – His Life & His Legacy

Howard Marks died peacefully in his sleep on April 10th 2016, at his home in Leeds, surrounded by his four children. He was 70. Sensi Seeds remembers this extraordinary writer, campaigner, raconteur, and cannabis smuggler – a counterculture legend who was charming and funny to the end. The post Howard Marks – Mr Nice – […]

Cannabis Use and the Risk of Cholera

The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (IAMAT) states on its website that users of cannabis are “more susceptible to cholera infection”. However, cannabis has been used throughout history to both treat and prevent cholera. Does IAMAT have its facts wrong, or is there a deeper relationship at work? The post Cannabis Use and […]

Cannabis in Florida – Laws, Use, and History

Medicinal cannabis is legal in Florida, but recreational cannabis, at present, is not. Various representatives have attempted to pass bills to make cannabis use legal, but so far, they have been met with opposition. As such, the penalties for possessing or selling the drug remain severe, with prison sentences in place for even minor offences. […]